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Step 1

Know You And Your Space

We carefully take your requirements in detail, pertaining to each room (Space) and lifestyle (You). Take measurements of the premises, take pictures for references. We work to come up with best concepts and layouts as per your brief.

Step 2

Thoughts And Proposal

All the requirements are put on paper and carefully, incorporated on the layout. We prepare detailed plans and elevations, propose suitable materials, textures, finishes and constitute designs until you are satisfied with the design, proposal.

Step 3

Design And Development

From bubble layouts to 2D layouts and a 3D design demo,a concept design presented to your satisfaction,We help you visualise your new space even before you step into it.

Step 4

The Pitch

On Approval of a Final Layout on 2D it is escalated to finalise the concept on 3D visuals on demand. After freezing the layout, we offer cost estimates of all items with near to accurate, then a Bill of Quantity is made so that you have absolute clarity on your expenditures. On documented approval of all the layout drawings, designs and proposals offered, we sign a contract confirming the deal with advances initiated.

Step 5


We recommend procurement before initiating the job from selected and verified vendors for authentic material and competitive prices. Material is checked before offloading at site.The designs, then broken into further detailed drawings for the contractor to bring the approved design concepts to life. The Contractors follow guidelines and instructions as per approved drawings to ensure quality and professional work. You are updated with the progress and we take approvals from you for all new decisions that may have any impact on cost, period or design of the elements time.

Step 6

Timely Completion And Handover

Finally assuring, that the final executed work is as per the designs finalised, errands attended and disengaged, The Space is well tidied for you to move in.

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